Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Star Control 3

Star Control 3 was developed by Legend Entertainment, hired by Accolade to create a sequel when the original creators expressed their disinterest in creating a sequel for the same amount of money they were paid for Star Control 2 (which left them working for several months without pay). It was released for MS-DOS and the Macintosh in 1996. Toys For Bob was not involved in the development of this game in any way.

The game used a 2.5D form of melee combat, but 2D combat was still available. However, unlike SC2, all ship designs absent from the story mode were omitted (with the exception of the Arilou, who were included supposedly because the authors did not wish to reveal in advance that they were not part of the story). The module tunes of the second game were replaced with MIDI music, and pixel animations for communication with aliens were replaced with rendered and digitized 2D graphics of live puppets.

The gameplay was a mix of borrowing the melee combat and alien encounter dialogue trees from SC2, with new colony management elements which could be compared to Master of Orion. SC2's resource gathering, and hyperspace travel gameplay elements were omitted.

SC3's story expanded on the mystery of the Precursor's disappearance, and introduced new enemies in the form of the Hegemonic Crux.