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The K'tang are a fictional race of beings featured in the sci-fi Star Control computer game series.
The K'tang are small, weak, cowardly worms with minimal intelligence, low cunning, and a bad case of spinal column envy. They evolved painfully aware of their own inferiority, amongst several other bigger, smarter, and generally more worthwhile species. In an atypical display of cunning, the K'tang managed to scavenge or hijack enough sophisticated technology to cobble together Mecha. These Mecha were the perfect answer to the K'tangs inferiority complex, enormous, massively armoured, studded with guns and as scary as all hell, and the elevation rather went to the K'tangs' largely empty heads. After killing all competing races, a significant portion of their own species and enslaving those that remained, the Mech-equipped K'tang strode onto the galactic scene!
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
This was not to be without incident, however - the K'tang are blustering, idiotic and aggressive at the best of times, and their short fuses and belligerence put them on the wrong end of a five on one war with the neighbouring races, one that they were losing. Despite their powerful weaponry, not a single worm had a single inkling of strategic thought, no warrior lowered himself to running the supply lanes, and no slave was good enough to do it. In short, each individual K'tang scrouned whatever weapons he could, then went into battle hiding behind his allies, waiting for an opportunity to bag himself a foe. This, as you'd expect, does not translate well to grand strategic thought, and the K'tang were losing ground fast.
This is when the K'tang encountered the Ploxis Plutocrats, who were, at this point, looking for some easily controllable and not overly bright muscle to serve them. The K'tang met these standards and quickly allowed their 'allies' to run their logistics and strategy, rapidly turning the tide of the war in their favour. Once their enemies were 'crushified', they joined up with the Ploxis full time, performing varied roles in their schemes, such as killing Ploxis, killing Doog, killing Harika, and killing the League.
The last of these duties was to be their downfall, for the asinine worms let rather a lot slip during their blustering conversations with the leader of the League forces, including much of their Ploxis' carefully constructed plots that allowed the tide to turn against the Crux. Their downfall finally came when the Captain procured the Overlord-Seeking Larvacide missile from the Daktaklakpak and atomized the armoured shell that housed the K'tang King (An esteemeed rank based on who could shout the loudest). The naked worm quickly surrendered to the League, and he and his men served as sullen allies for the remainder of the war, lest the League use their weapon and return them to the dirt.